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Small Tool Shed

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Looking for the perfect small storage solution for your garden? Then look no further, since this little tool shed is a space saving solution to any garden storage problem!

This beautiful little shed will make an elegant addition to any garden. Tall and narrow, meaning that there’s plenty of storage but a small footprint, this shed is safe, sturdy and will fit neatly into a corner. Made from treated wood, this is an attractive storage solution, far better than those ugly plastic storage bins!

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Essential Info

So, what do you need to know? What about a few dimensions? The shed is 74 centimetres wide by 78 centimetres deep, meaning it truly does have a small footprint. At the front you’re getting a height of 152 centimetres, whilst the back is 164 centimetres. Why the difference in height? Because this shed is cleverly designed with a sloped roof to allow rain to slide right off, and to prevent too much snow settling, keeping your tools safe in all weathers. You’ll also notice the dark green covering over the roof panel which gives you extra waterproof protection in inclement weather.

Internally, you’re getting slightly smaller dimensions, of course. So how much space do you actually have for storage? Inside the width is 63 centimetres, and the depth 70 centimetres. Front height is 147 centimetres, and back height 159 centimetres. Those differences in dimension just go to show you how thick and sturdy the wood is that’s used to build this shed!

But There’s More…

Let’s talk doors. Doors on sheds can be a little flimsy, but not this one! There are three metal hinges holding the weight of the door, meaning there’ll be no sagging over time. Your door will remain safely hanging, even if you neglect to fasten it in windy weather.

And on the subject of fastening, this shed has a metal latch which pushes closed. Not only that, but the latch is perfectly designed to accept a padlock, giving you even more security should you wish to leave more expensive tools in your shed.

Great Storage- Small Footprint

For those that don’t have a lot of space but still need somewhere safe and weatherproof to lock away their tools, then this small shed is the perfect product. Solid, waterproof, secure and high quality, you couldn’t ask for more when it comes to small garden storage solutions!

External Dimensions

Height front: 152cm
Height back: 164cm
Width: 74cm

Internal Dimensions

Height front: 147cm
Height back: 159cm
Width: 63cm


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