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Luxor Large Cushion Box

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Just how are you supposed to keep outside cushions dry in our fickle weather? With the Luxor Large Cushion Box, that’s how!

The problem with outside cushions getting wet isn’t just a matter of comfort (no one wants wet shorts), but also one of hygiene. Wet cushions will rapidly develop mould and fungus, which you definitely don’t want! That’s why the Luxor Large Cushion Box is such a great solution. You’ll never need to make space for outdoor cushions in your home or garage again!

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How Big is Large?

When we say large, we mean large. The Luxor Large Cushion Box measures a massive 156 cm long, 80 cm wide and is a full metre high. That means that there’s tons of space for fitting in all your outside cushions, and maybe even a little left over for additional things such as children’s toys, for example.

Materials and Other Features

The materials used here are really top notch. Framing is all aluminium, so the box is nice and sturdy. And that raffia outside? It’s AbacoXF, a full on marine standard raffia designed especially for outside use. There’s no need to worry about that white colour either, special UV stabilisation means that the raffia will stay bright and shiny, and cleaning is a matter of a simple wipe down.

Internally, the Luxor Cushion Box is fully lined in plastic, making it completely water proof. Plus, four tough plastic feet keep the box off the ground, so no ground moisture can seep in. There’s an elegantly curved aluminium catch, which can take a padlock if you’re looking for a little more security for your stuff.

In terms of design, the Luxor Large Cushion Box is all curves and rounded corners, so it’s certainly eye catching. And that lid is held sturdily to the frame and can be propped open if necessary. That means you don’t need to continually open and close the box while you’re stowing things away, and you won’t be accidentally trapping any fingers either!

A Great Storage Solution

If you need something that looks great in your garden, as well as being functional, then it has to be the Luxor Large Cushion Box. You’ll get tons of storage space, no matter how many cushions you need to lock safely away, and everything will be fully protected from the weather. Truly beautiful and elegant, this cushion box is an attractive piece for any garden.


Height: 100cm
Width: 156cm
Depth: 80


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