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Garden Storage Bench

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Tired of a cluttered garden? This Storage Bench could be the answer to all your prayers. Get tons of great storage space and extra garden seating too!

Garden storage can be a bit of a problem, particularly when it comes to things like outdoor seating cushions that you really don’t want to keep in the house. That’s why this Storage Bench is such a great buy. You’ll get plenty of space to store cushion, kid’s toys or anything else, along with extra seating as well!

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Design and Materials

This Storage Bench has a simple, classic design. The storage area is a solid wooden box, and then the bench arms and back are attached onto it. The seat of the bench lifts up, and is secured by three solid brass hinges, so there’s no danger of rusting or the lid becoming detached. Elegant and beautiful, this bench is a great addition to any garden.

In terms of material you’re looking at teak. That means that you’re getting something very durable and long lasting. And thanks to teak’s natural high oil content which repels moisture and insects you’ll be able to leave your bench outside in any weather. It also means that this Storage Bench is attractive, since teak has a natural red tint that looks beautiful.

The Dimensions

So, how big are we talking here? The entire bench is 150 cm long and 68 cm wide, which give you an idea of how much storage space you’re getting here. The seat height is 49 cm, whilst the back panel of the bench rises to 98 cm and the arm rests are comfortably at 79 cm. This bench is designed to maximise the amount of storage space you can get, whilst still providing a comfortable seating area.

You also have customisation options. Teak is perfect for engraving, should you wish to have a personal touch added to your bench, and adding outside cushions (which can handily be stored inside the bench when not in use) will give you more comfort as well as a unique look.

Two in One

This Storage Bench truly does give you the best of both worlds. You can add additional seating to your garden, whilst having that extra storage space that you’re looking for at the same time. Attractive and elegant this bench is the perfect piece of garden furniture.


Height: 98cm
Depth: 68cm
Width: 150cm
Seat height: 49cm
Arm height: 79cm


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