Fun Garden Games for the Summer Holidays

Fun Garden Games

A garden should be a place that is made full use of, and that includes the whole family taking part in leisure activities during the summer holidays. There are a wide range of leisure activities, too, that can be easy to arrange, and here are just a few.


Even in a smallish garden, cricket can still be enjoyed with the appropriate adjustments. For instance, for safety reasons, it’s best to play with a tennis ball as opposed to a proper cricket ball. While things such as a surrounding fence can act as the boundary. To deter hitting the ball out of the garden there should be a dismissal penalty if and when this happens. The pitch won’t need to be full size either, and can be as small as 10 metres. The size of the bat should also be of a size that makes it easy for even the smallest children to pick up. To give everyone an equal opportunity, each batsmen should be allowed to face 20 deliveries each – even if they are out several times. After an individual’s score has been added up, a run should be deducted for each time the batsman was dismissed.

Nature Quiz

The summer is a good time of the year for a nature quiz, and it’s a fun way of learning about what lives in and what visits your garden. It can also be a way of getting younger members of the family interested in gardening in particular, and to appreciate just what a magical place a garden can be. There should be at least two teams taking part in the quiz, and the teams can also consist of friends of your children. The quiz can be broken down into three different sections, with five questions each on birds, plants and insects.


A garden game that won’t take up much space is quoits. It can be a game too that’s made more interesting in a variety of ways. There’s the opportunity to raise the levels of difficulty by increasing throwing distances, while the quoits can also be thrown overarm or behind one’s back, as well as through the more typically underarm method.

Creating A Miniature Garden

It’s easy to create a miniature garden within a garden – with a bit of imagination. A plate or saucer can be used as the base of the miniature garden, with the first task being to fill the plate or saucer with soil. Twigs should be used to represent trees, and small seedlings used to represent plants. Moss can then be utilised to add the effect of grass to the miniature garden, and small stones used to construct a miniature rockery. Petals can be used to add more colour.

Mini Golf

If your garden is big enough, mini golf is an enjoyable activity for all the family to take part in during the summer holidays. Rather than holes, triangular paper flags can be the target for each player to try and hit. These flags should be numbered and attached to canes that are then put in the ground. The actual round can consist of 9 or 10 targets, right up to 18. Hazards will also make the game more interesting, and these can be existing hazards such as bushes. Or they can be hazards that are introduced for the game, like a rock or stones. As with normal golf, the player that takes the fewest strokes to get round the course wins the game.

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