As the UK’s No 1 online garden storage retailer we are proud to offer luxury garden storage at internet prices, and with no expensive showrooms or salespeople we are able to pass the savings onto you and help you create a garden that you can truly relax and unwind in. We deal directly with our suppliers to ensure our log stores, bike sheds, tools sheds and other garden storage options are all of the highest quality.

A family business since 1999, here at Express Garden Storage we have built our success on excellent quality, unbeatable prices and great service, so it’s no wonder we are now the nation’s favourite online garden storage supplier.

Our Promise To You

My name is Jeremy Driver. I am proud to be the Founder & CEO of Express Garden Storage. Starting out of my bedroom some 16 years ago I had a grand vision to disrupt the entire garden storage industry, an industry that was more focused on the convenience of the retailer, rather than the customer. We began by cutting out the middlemen and going directly to the source to reduce selling prices. By carrying over £20 worth of stock at any one time, it enabled us to offer a speedy delivery service across the entire UK.

16 years later, we are the most decorated garden storage retailer in the UK with numerous awards. Together, we have come a long way in proving we are “more express” than all other garden storage retailers.

We have never been just an online retailer.

So this is my Promise to you…

  • It is my promise that you, the customer, will be treated with respect, courtesy, honesty and integrity.
  • Our main goal is to provide better prices and a better service, so if you feel we have failed in this then I would love to hear from you.
  • If we have failed you, I/we promise to put things right, but equally, I would also love good feedback. One of the most rewarding parts
  • of my day is saying well done to my hard working team!

Our ‘crazy goal’ as a company is to be recommended by everyone, but without hearing your feedback, good or bad, we can never improve and never achieve this. You don’t get anywhere in life without listening and understanding, the more feedback we get the better our company will become! If you would like to contact me to let us know how we are performing, please email me directly info@expressgardenstorage.co.uk.