[ux_text text_pos=”center” height=”auto” text_align=”center” text_color=”dark” padding=”30px”]Looking for garden storage? Then you’re in the right place. Nobody obsesses about garden storage like we do. For us, garden storage design is as much about creating clever solutions for the tiniest of gardens as it is about turning the biggest garden storage solution into a stunning visual treat.

We have over 20 garden storage options in an abundance of shapes and sizes ranging from traditional to modern, timeless to futuristic and minimalist to maximalist. Most of our cushion boxes, tool sheds are colour matched so you can mix pieces from many of ranges.

Each garden storage suite includes a range of individual options. You can choose from lockable, waterproof, lined, rattan and more. With so much versatility, our garden storage styles are sure to match yours.[/ux_text]

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Our Range of Garden Storage Benches

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Why do you need a garden storage solution?

We have a huge selection of garden storage units – cushion boxes, rattan boxes, bike sheds and log stores all at unbeatable prices. Creating cutting-edge styles and maximising space. It’s what our design experts obsess about when they create our garden storage. The result? A fantastic range of garden storage you can choose from to suit your tastes and needs, whatever they may be. With garden storage, your options are endless. For a stylish place to store your cushions, choose one of our rattan cushion boxes. And if you’re looking for something to discreetly conceal your garden tools, why not plump for a stylish and simplistic freestanding tool shed.

About Us

Our heritage and expertise means we truly understand garden storage and we understand what you need to achieve your dream garden storage. So we help you get it. From inspiration to installation and beyond, we are here for you every step of the way. The quality of our products is top drawer. We have worked with some of the top European forestry’s to make our garden storage beautiful and many of our ranges are exclusive. We then work directly with global manufacturers to make them affordable. We love garden storage.
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Some Happy Customers

Stacey Coughlin
Couldn’t be happier with my new rattan cushion box. It takes pride of place in my garden and looks fantastic. It also stands up to the British weather very well 🙂
Stacey Coughlin Rattan Cushion Box
Max Dyer
Needed something small to fit in my back garden to store some inexpensive garden tools so decided on your tool shed. Very well made, solidly built and looks good too. Cheers.
Max Dyer Tool Shed
Laura Brand
Fantastic product and so well made. Easily accomodates all my cushions and a few other bits and bats too.
Laura Brand Teak Cushion Box